Services - Market Research Logistics

myCLEARopinion specializes in managing the logistics of market research. If you're looking to conduct surveys but prefer not to navigate the complexities of sourcing the right participants, we're your ideal partner. Unlike typical B2B sample providers, we ensure access to precisely targeted audiences, enhancing the relevance and accuracy of your data. Our services include securing complete responses, survey programming, recruiting qualified professionals, and providing support for your reporting needs. Trust us to streamline your market research process efficiently.

Quantitative Survey Sample/Panel/List Rental

Access a diverse and expansive panel of B2B respondents tailored to meet the specific demographic and vertical requirements of your quantitative research needs.

Qualitative Recruit

We specialize in recruiting highly-targeted participants for qualitative studies, ensuring insightful and in-depth responses for focus groups and interviews.


Our service offers comprehensive survey programming and hosting solutions, allowing for seamless data collection and management across multiple platforms.

Full Service Research Solution

From initial concept development to final reporting, our full-service research solution covers all phases of your market research project with expert precision.

Video Surveys/Voice of the Customer

Capture authentic customer feedback through engaging video surveys that provide deeper insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

ClearSeas.AI POWER Dashboards

Leverage our ClearSeas.AI POWER Dashboards to visualize complex data sets with clarity, enabling more informed decision-making through intuitive analytics.


Utilize myCLEAReports for syndicated tracking and reporting solutions that transform raw data into vertical specific business intelligence.

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