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myCLEARopinion emerged to meet the critical demand for panel-first, technology-driven solutions in the B2B2C survey space, emphasizing trust as the cornerstone of business-to-business marketing research.

We recognize that crucial business decisions often stem from feedback gathered during sales interactions. However, this method is fundamentally flawed. It poses the risk of adopting a "cut your prices" mentality or developing products that fail to meet market demand. Acquiring effective market research should neither be overly complicated nor prohibitively expensive. You deserve a market research partner that specializes in securing primary, unbiased insights directly from the consumers of your products, culminating in reports that you will find invaluable. This led to the establishment of myCLEARopinion, where we've honed a B2B2C market research approach, enabling you to collect vital customer feedback, enhance Brand Awareness, and refine New Product Development. Our goal is to empower your business to make well-informed decisions based on robust studies, facilitating growth and success.

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myCLEARopinion History

Incepted in Troy, Michigan, in March of 2006, myCLEARopinion is at the forefront of providing research and panel solutions that deliver strategic, unbiased insights into brand positioning, customer experiences, new product development, and marketing effectiveness.

Founded as a full-service market research agency by a team of seasoned professionals, myCLEARopinion caters to the evolving quantitative and qualitative research requirements of leading firms across various sectors, including construction, food and beverage, gaming, manufacturing, packaging, and security.

Proud members of the Insights Association, myCLEARopinion adheres to the most rigorous standards in sample selection, data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our mission is to equip businesses with actionable intelligence that informs strategic decisions and drives success.

Explore the reasons our clients value our partnership and the extensive B2B2C research insights we offer. Discover how we're dedicated to supporting our customers' achievements in a competitive business environment.

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